Hello Everyone!

Well here I am!

I finally bit the bullet and decided to create a blog because so many of you asked me “where can we see your cakes online and see regular updates and discussions !”

Until now the majority of my orders were via word of mouth, so after much Uhmming, Ahhing and indecision I settled on a Blog as a way to ‘get myself out there’.

Unlike many other options it seemed to me that there was so much more freedom and interaction to be had via Blogging, it felt much more personal, which of course suits me, after all I do make one of a kind custom cakes  personally designed specifically for individuals, corporations, Special interest groups etc etc.

It all made perfect sense.

Not only can you all see my cakes, but you can comment, ask questions, arrange orders, or just chat, I’m really looking forward to it !!

Eventually, as my Cake Blog Journey progresses, I will be adding recipes, how to’s, Tips and tricks and all sorts of Interesting bits and pieces, as well as the weird and wonderful.

Sounds like a plan to me !!

~ Lisa


2 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!

  1. This is a great idea. I have a blog that is not dedicated to cake decorating. But I did a couple of posts with some of my cake pics and now I have a cake a week for the next 5 weeks. I’m a casual cake decorator so that is a lot for me! The cakes you have up are really good!

    Happy “caking” and blogging!

    • Thanks Momfog,

      Congratulations on the cake orders!

      I was delighted to see my “first comment” lol, this is presicely why I wanted to go with a blog as opposed to a “website”, so I could interact and share with people that had similar interests, I already feel this was definately the right decision.

      I will be adding tons of new things as I go along so check back often and thanks for visiting !!


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