Dora The Explorer

Last weekend was all about Dora and my Nieces 3rd Birthday!

My sister specifically ordered a Dora cake and cuppies, as they are far more partial to buttercream rather than fondant covered cakes the entire cake was piped by hand, complimented by little cuppies with handmade fondant toppers sitting on a huge swirl of buttercream.

Needless to say I have never seen a cake and cuppies vanish so fast! LOL

There were a lot of contented cake smeared faces, and one arm achingly tired cake decorator…

I think I dreamt I was piping in my sleep that night……dot…dot…  🙂

The results were definately worth it though.

(Click images for larger version)

The Birthday Girl was delighted!

I was so pleased to see I had been selected to be featured for a second time on the  The Cup Cake Blog      Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Dora The Explorer

  1. Very cute. I hate piping all those stars. It’s murder on the carpal tunnel. I made a Tangled cake for my daughter this weekend, or should I say attempted to make? I felt a little off-balance and the cake picked up on that. I’ll be writing about it this week some time.

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