Lemon Cupcakes

A lovely lady at a local kitchen company was moving to another state, so they put on a Morning tea for her as a thank you, and I was hired to supply the cupcakes, she was delighted!

I get a real kick out of seeing that “OMG” moment on peoples faces!

These delicious cupcakes were made using my buttercake recipe to which I added lemon zest and lemon juice,resulting in some very mouthwatering, moist, lemony goodness.

The cuppies were also topped with little lemons, leaves and flowers made from fondant.

I am VERY partial to citrus flavourings personally, while I was making them the smell was making my mouth water so of course I had to make more than was required. (Followed by a long walk in the afternoon) LOL

(Click on pictures to enlarge)


3 thoughts on “Lemon Cupcakes

  1. These look exquisite; the artistry and invention of them would be fighting with the delicious citrus smell so that the person lucky enough to have these in front of him or her would be in a mighty battle… continue to look and admire, or gobble them up!

  2. Thanks MF, Good to see you again.

    It was a shame the pictures weren’t as bright as I would have liked though, it was a very miserable,dark and wet morning!

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