4th of July Cupcakes

*4th of July*

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation.

As always, this most American of holidays is marked by parades, fireworks and backyard barbecues to name a few, soooo having said that did you know some Australians celebrate this holiday!!

(well those of us with American relatives that is lol)

My family is half and half, Aussie/American so naturally we had to do our bit!

What? I hear you say..Aussies celebrating the 4th..Pffftttt, How?

With Cupcakes of course!!!

The cuppies are Red Velvet, with buttercream frosting, sprinkled with red and blue dusting sugar and finished off with handmade fondant toppers.

I think ‘this’ Aussie did them justice, what do you think!

My son also got into the spirit of things!

I love the sense of movement in these photo’s!


6 thoughts on “4th of July Cupcakes

  1. great cup cakes
    and great photos
    look yummy yummy
    have fun with the celebrations!
    from a happy customer!!

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