Army Camo Dogtag Cake


After doing some Recon, and gaining Intel from the Birthday Boy we were Oscar Mike!

This Army cake was a lot of fun to make, it was relatively quick and easy and has a terrific result.

The Birthday boy loved it!

The fondant camo effect was easy to do (see hint below)  the chain on the fondant dog tags was made by laying Silver Dragees or as Australian’s call them Cachous (pronounced cashews) over a line of clear piping gel.

Hint: The camo fondant was done by pre colouring batches of fondant which was then rolled into 1/2 inch rough balls, starting in the middle working evenly outwards, place the balls next to each other in a colour pattern that suits the desired design, keep going till you feel you have enough to cover the cake you are using when the fondant is rolled out.

Next simply roll over the balls of fondant working slowly until you have the required thickness and there you have it!!

Fondant camouflage!

Use a new pin or toothpick to ‘dot’ the line your chain will follow prior to piping so you get the fluid feel of a real chain.


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