Buttercream Rose Cake

Butter cream….Mmmmmmm, now who doesn’t love a good buttercream overload?

This time I thought I would try my hand at freestyle reverse piped buttercream roses on a birthday cake for an ardent buttercream lover,  the design choice was up to me.

They wanted something simple and elegant, Oh and with LOTS of Buttercream 🙂

The inside was a double chocolate mudcake with a Cherry Berry cream filling.

I hadn’t done a piped design quite like this before so I was really pleased with the overall outcome, the fact that they really loved it made it even better!

The buttercream was two-tone ivory and pale green,  (I chose a very subtle accent colour) with fondant rose leaf accents.

(There were more leaves but they were picked off by sticky fingers lol)

I really should remember to take photo’s sooner rather than later before bits and pieces get nicked :D,

Oh and in daylight too!

The roses were SO simple and quick to do, it truly is a lovely rustic and elegant way to decorate a cake!

You can just make out the green accent colour on the ivory in the picture below.


Fit a large piping bag with a large star tip for ready piping.

Tint half a cup of buttercream in the contrasting colour of your choice (this will be the accent colour), mine was a pale green.

Then take a large piping bag and smear the accent colour on the inside of the bag so that there is a 3mm (1/8th of an inch approx) even coating on the inside of the bag,  flatten the bag  and gently run your hand over it to evenly distribute the accent colour over the entire inner surface of the bag.

(now the only tricky bit because the bag is sticking to itself at this point, if you find this too fiddly, swipe a decent amount of buttercream inside the bag on one side.)

Grab a knife, spoon or spatula and reopen the bag you have just flattened and fill it with your main colour buttercream, and your good to go.

When piping on Cupcakes usually the circular swirl starts on the outside and you work your way inwards, for the ‘Rose effect’ do the reverse, pipe from the inside working outwards until the ‘rose’ is the desired size.

Repeat this all over the surface of the cake (I start on the top and work outwards and down the sides of the cake), at this point you will notice there are a few little gaps, to fill these in and blend in with the roses, do some little ‘swipes’ that follow the contour of the rose nearby.

Then place some fondant leaves here and there to accent the roses.

There you have it!!! One Buttercream piped ‘  reverse Cupcake Rose’ cake!


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