Carousel Cake

This Carousel cake was made for Little Alina’s first birthday, her Mum wanted an all pink and white theme, it also had a matching seperate smash cake.

Now I won’t lie this cake WAS a challenge, (  and I DO love a challenge)  and there was a little bit of colourful language on the odd occasion (Hah!) because I am a perfectionist and it took almost two weeks to make this cake from start to finish, and it was hot, humid and rainy but having said that it was also a lot of FUN to make, watching it come together was a joy, everything apart from the support structure and ribbon was made from either icing or cake.

The horses were all totally hand made complete with pretty saddles, manes and tails, the ‘mirrors’ were food grade mirrored cardboard surrounded by cachous (non pareilles) to look like carousel lights.

The floor of the carousel where the horse poles sat was a cake board covered in fondant with a wooden floor pattern embossed over it which was then dusted in pink and white shimmer petal dust.

The upper most tier (roof) was all fondant with cachous for a pearly trim while the lower tier was Butter Vanilla cake covered in high humidity buttercream because BOY was it hot that day 30c, the cake survived and was very well recieved as you can read further below.

So here it is! What do you think?

(I accidently chopped off the top of the flagpole in this pic lol)

This is what Alina’s Mum had to say about THE cake below

(hey I think this cake deserves an uppercase THE lol)

The party went really well and the photographer I had said that the party was one of the best kids party he has photographed – so cant wait to see the photos. When it was time to sing happy birthday, I took the cake outside and all the guests were in absolute AWE!

All the guests were commenting on how beautiful the cake was – it was really the highlight of the party.All guests also ate the cake and took some home so I guess they enjoyed it.

Alina loved the smashing cake – and even ate the icing and cake – she really enjoyed it and a few other kids also joined in – it was a great event !

I was really happy with your work and dedication, It was absolutely stunning – more than I could ever imagine!

The birthday girl, Mum and Dad and of course THE cake.

(yes it was a large cake and weighed a LOT)

The smashed smash cake was a success!

Feet in cake a definate must lol

MMMM cake is GOOD!


4 thoughts on “Carousel Cake

    • Hi Debbie, sorry for the slow reply!

      The top was made using a stiff plastic cutout (square plastic sheets found at craft stores etc) I worked out what size I would need for the roof and cut out a large circle, I then cut a slit into the center, carefully folding the circle in on itself to form a ‘slight cone’, then use a stiff craft tape or duct tape (this is fine as the roof is not to be eaten) on both sides to hold the shape.

      There is an image located here that shows how to make the cut –

      Draw around the base of the ‘cone’ and cut out another circle to form a base attach to the ‘cone top’ and voila, you have one carousel roof ready to be covered in fondant and decorated!

      Hope this helps 🙂

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