Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year from Sugar Sugar

I know it is a little past due (blame good friends, good food and a long overdue rest!!!)

 I Hope Everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!

I would also like to wish you all a Wonderful New year to come.

Thank you to everyone who ordered cakes in 2011, I loved every minute of it, I hope to be able to create more magic for you in 2012, all ordering will resume after January 20th****

( I really need a little break!! ZzzzzZZZzzz ).

Christmas present cake 2011

This was a cake I made for a Christmas table centerpiece.

Red velvet cake on the inside.

I deliberately gave the fondant a slightly ‘baggy’ look to simulate paper wrapping.

(Yes, it fooled quite a few who didn’t look closely enough!) Hah!

The ruse was discovered when an inquisitive guest gave the cake a gentle poke to check.

(Click images to enlarge)

Last-Minute New Years Eve Cupcakes (and I do mean ‘last minute’)   🙂

I had a last-minute call for a NYE batch of cupcakes (literally just under 1 hour) Yikes.

Red velvet cupcakes with Vanilla butter frosting.

(A quick visit to the fridge cooled those cakes in record time while I created the all edible glittery fondant lettering with the speed of an African swallow in a tail wind, so forgive me the less than perfect rush job!)  😀

I’m usually a diligent perfectionist but there was NO time to fuss!!

Then it was a mad dash out the door into the car and off I went, it was a hard task fending off sticky fingers till midnight at the party and no they were not children *grin*

Come Midnight and they all vanished like the memory of 2011!!!

(Click image to enlarge)


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