About Sugar Sugar

Hi there!

My name is Lisa and I am a Cake Artist, well actually I was a mixed media artist to begin with but then I discovered CAKE art !

I absolutely love it, not only do I have the freedom to express myself artistically, but I also get to see the Enjoyment it brings to those recieving their special cake.

How cool is that!

Sugar Sugar began when I decided to make a cake for my son, I was not expecting the response I received, Everyone loved it ! (it was an Xbox controller) and my very first attempt at Cake decorating.

(To my surprise I actually got a modest round of applause from the table of 10 beside us at the restaurant )

I felt shocked lol

It was a huge learning curve, I felt like such a ‘Noobie’ in the beginning, that first cutting of the cake HURT after all that work lol, fortunately I soon got used to it, especially when I saw the pleasure it gave others.

My sister has a particular fondness for my buttercream icing,…if  I made it by the bucketload I am sure she would be in heaven LOL  *Sorry Teresa , but you know it’s true!*  😀

I then went on to make a cake for my Niece, and other family members. The reception I received was overwhelming, I was thrilled, here was something artistic that I loved to do and it made others so happy.

I was hooked !

From there it started to snowball, family and friends all took delight in receiving cakes and other orders soon followed, I was encouraged to go into business by so many people, (Thank You!) and so Sugar Sugar was born.

Some of my Cakes have been ordered from quite a distance , transport (arranged by the client) was very challenging in these instances, however we all enjoyed the Adventure immensely and have some great stories to tell as a result, making those particular cakes even more special for everyone involved.

One cake (Betty Boop) was ordered from Canberra, made in the Blue Mountains foothills, transported by car to Sydney, from Sydney it was put on a plane with a chaperone and sent to Melbourne, Victoria, it was then taken to Rockhampton, QLD, it arrived safely, looked great and according to all reports tasted wonderful !

According to calculations via distance calculator the cake travelled  3,370km’s,  talk about jet setting baking goods! LOL

I continue to meet so many wonderful people along the way, and have so much enjoyment from taking this particular career path, I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing!

I hope you will enjoy my journey as much as I do !


3 thoughts on “About Sugar Sugar

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your story, sounds like lots of fun. Sound like with all your adventures you are getting pretty busy, perhaps you need an assistant?
    I am emailing you as my daughter wants to get into cake making and decorating. (She is the sweet cook in the house and I am the savoury). She left school last year Year 12) and has been doing administrative work for me at a local business in Penrith. Would love to hear from you with your thoughts or perhaps a few tips


    • Hi Michelle!
      Sorry about my slow reply 😦
      Yes, things are getting busy particularly around this time of year with the weather warming up it’s heading into party season!
      Unfortunately I don’t require an assistant at this point in time, but you never know when that may change, if and when that occurs I would be more than happy to let you know, if business keeps picking up the way it has done recently that may be sooner rather than later :).
      If your daughter ever gets stuck or just wants a few tips or a nudge in the right direction by all means feel free to ask her to contact me and I will help her out wherever I can, I love sharing ideas, mainly it’s just practice, lots and lots and lots of practice, Utube is also an invaluable source of information and tutorials, also joining some of the cake sites like planet cake etc.
      Kind regards

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