The Rocks Tours – Ghostly Birthday & all sorts of Tours (Sydney)

I have to say I am all for the unusual, I love the weird and wonderful and this is a pretty unusual idea lol

I was actually Down at The rocks in Sydney on Sunday and passed  one of their trucks, it got me thinking, I MUST add that to my Blog!

I’ve been on a few tours myself with friends and we definately had FUN!

The tours are run by Brian and Colleen who are long term residents and established tour operators.

Their company, Spirit of Sydney, has a long history of conducting tours. Eighteen years ago they started with students studying History.

Fifty years ago the seed for the Ghost Tours of The Rocks was sewn. Brian listened to many stories about local murders, suicides, unusual happenings and ghost stories told to him by his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who all ran local boarding houses in The Rocks.

His wife, Ghost Host Colleen, has a passion for history and is a natural story teller. She is a descendent of convict Sophia Lett.

Now the pair have started up a series of new tours from Corporate tours through to Hens Ghost tours. The Rocks Tours specialize in Group tours (for 16 or more people) of this historic area in Sydney.

Drinks and Ghosts – it’s sure to get you in the “spirit” (sorry had to say it LOL)

The tours they run are:

You can check out their site below or just click on one of the tours above to go to their site !