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Smirnoff Vodka Bottle Birthday cake

Drink a glass of wine Cheers!!! Drink a glass of wine

This cake was for Jess’s 18th Birthday!

It is obviously a Smirnoff bottle cake, (a HUGE Smirnoff bottle, the actual bottle was 42cm long!!)

 The cake Inside is Red velvet (chocolate with beetroot juice added to make it look really red)

Everything you see you can eat although I don’t recommend eating the actual cake board. Muffled laugh

I hand made the ‘ice cubes’ then tinted them slightly with edible blue lustre dust so they looked ‘Icy’ and drizzled them with pale blue royal icing so they looked like they were melting from the red lettering on top, the Bottle cap was all hand sculpted fondant  which was then painted with confectioners glaze to look like red metal.

The ‘fabric’ was fondant mixed with a gum to make it elastic and rolled very very thin which was then draped on the board which was finished along the edges with a thin white ribbon.

The images are printed on edible paper with edible ink then carefully cut out and placed on the cake.

Everyone seemed delighted with the outcome!


Mother’s day cake!

I hope all the Mum’s out there have a wonderful day with their loved ones.

This cute Vintage inspired Ombre Petal Cake was a lot of  fun to make even if I finished at 2am !! 

Ombre is the graduation of color in a garment, like when a fabric is very dark at one end and gradually lightens or in this case a cake!.

It was a layered rich Brazilian chocolate mud cake covered in fondant petals that got lighter in colour as it rose up the cake topped with a handmade fondant shoe.

The recipient refused to cut the cake as they deemed it too pretty and wanted to look at it a while before cutting it up! 😀

(Click Picture to Enlarge)

Buttons, Bows and Baby cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes were ordered by a lovely lady for her Baby Shower.

I love the blend of colours and the little sleeping babies perched on pillows of pink buttercream!

Each of the decorations were hand made from fondant and let me tell you with all the rain this week getting them to dry was a lesson in patience, the weather has been playing havoc with the completed sugar decorations, one day it’s hot and humid, the next it’s cold then right back to wet and humid… rinse and repeat. Arggghhhh  🙂

Just when I thought they were all dry it rained and they reabsorbed moisture from the air causing them to go soft again…very trying indeed lol

Fortunately the end result was what counted and they worked out perfectly, I had to bring a delivery helper with me on this one as the venue was at a lovely home which sat on top of a large hill with a VERY steep driveway, way too steep to drive up and hope they wouldn’t topple sitting in the back by themselves, so my assistant had to hold the cake boxes and pivot them to keep them level as we ascended.

The rain slicked driveway was a nerve wracking experience carrying boxes of cupcakes while repeating “don’t fall, don’t fall” under my breath, but they made it to the table unharmed and looking gorgeous, pity the same could not be said of me in all my rain sodden and wide eyed glory 😀

(Click picture to Enlarge)

Vintage Cupcakes

I received an order for some cupcakes from a lovely lady as a thank you to a large medical practice, so I suggested a Vintage theme because they are always popular and lets face it, who doesn’t like Vintage cupcakes!!

I know I do!

I had run out of the large inserts that hold the cupcakes steady in their box and had a distance to drive so I was being very,very,VERY careful, the last thing you want is to open the box at the destination and see a mess of icing!

Driving 10km under the speed limit did not make the other drivers happy and I was cursing myself for not putting the “cake on board” sign on my car, I’m such a perfectionist, that if one little bit of icing is out-of-place I feel compelled to redo it, not possible in transit though 🙂

Of course it was raining….again  (where is our Aussie summer?) and I had to drive through traffic, over road works round several roundabouts, but all was well in the end, fortunately they arrived unscathed and pretty as ever, after delivery I then headed straight to the packaging supply store for more cupcake inserts..no more delivery stress, I am locked and loaded for the next cupcake journey  😀

These little cuties were Vanilla Butter cake, with Vanilla butter cream icing and hand made fondant Bows, Roses and flowers, that had been highlighted in edible petal dust, they turned out beautifully and were very much appreciated by the recipients.

As I mentioned I particularly like Vintage themed cakes, there is something so timeless in their pretty elegance and the combinations are endless.

I can’t wait for the next ‘Vintage’ order so I can try something new!

Here they are below!

Feel free to comment on any of posts, feedback is always welcome.

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What’s the Buzz?

Well, Buzz Lightyear from Toy story of course!!

This cake was ordered for a young man who was turning 5 and loves the buzz man.

It sure created a buzz on the day surrounded by 30 matching cupcakes in green and purple, it was undoubtedly a hit because it all vanished in a nano second!!!

There were lots of delighted and buttercream smeared grins not to mention some very very full tummies followed by some fun filled sugar fueled playtime.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

(do small children inhale cake ?, they can make a cupcake dissapear with lighting speed lol  😀 )

Buttercream Rose Cake

Butter cream….Mmmmmmm, now who doesn’t love a good buttercream overload?

This time I thought I would try my hand at freestyle reverse piped buttercream roses on a birthday cake for an ardent buttercream lover,  the design choice was up to me.

They wanted something simple and elegant, Oh and with LOTS of Buttercream 🙂

The inside was a double chocolate mudcake with a Cherry Berry cream filling.

I hadn’t done a piped design quite like this before so I was really pleased with the overall outcome, the fact that they really loved it made it even better!

The buttercream was two-tone ivory and pale green,  (I chose a very subtle accent colour) with fondant rose leaf accents.

(There were more leaves but they were picked off by sticky fingers lol)

I really should remember to take photo’s sooner rather than later before bits and pieces get nicked :D,

Oh and in daylight too!

The roses were SO simple and quick to do, it truly is a lovely rustic and elegant way to decorate a cake!

You can just make out the green accent colour on the ivory in the picture below.


Fit a large piping bag with a large star tip for ready piping.

Tint half a cup of buttercream in the contrasting colour of your choice (this will be the accent colour), mine was a pale green.

Then take a large piping bag and smear the accent colour on the inside of the bag so that there is a 3mm (1/8th of an inch approx) even coating on the inside of the bag,  flatten the bag  and gently run your hand over it to evenly distribute the accent colour over the entire inner surface of the bag.

(now the only tricky bit because the bag is sticking to itself at this point, if you find this too fiddly, swipe a decent amount of buttercream inside the bag on one side.)

Grab a knife, spoon or spatula and reopen the bag you have just flattened and fill it with your main colour buttercream, and your good to go.

When piping on Cupcakes usually the circular swirl starts on the outside and you work your way inwards, for the ‘Rose effect’ do the reverse, pipe from the inside working outwards until the ‘rose’ is the desired size.

Repeat this all over the surface of the cake (I start on the top and work outwards and down the sides of the cake), at this point you will notice there are a few little gaps, to fill these in and blend in with the roses, do some little ‘swipes’ that follow the contour of the rose nearby.

Then place some fondant leaves here and there to accent the roses.

There you have it!!! One Buttercream piped ‘  reverse Cupcake Rose’ cake!