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Vintage Roses Cake

This one was definitely a labour of love, for someone very special… who you ask?

My wonderful Mum!!

My sister and I had organised a sneaky surprise Birthday party with all the family which we very successfully managed to hide from the Birthday Girl by pretending it was just a small night out for Dinner.

It was held at Old Government House in Parramatta in a private dining room to compliment the ‘Vintage theme’ (not that my mum is THAT old yikes) but she did say that if I made a cake NOT to broadcast her age by having 70 plastered all over it.

OOPS… sorry Mum…..hehe.

The look on her face as she entered and saw everyone gathered there was priceless! The room looked lovely with flowers and candles in a suitably rustic setting, it was absolutely freezing outside but the room was lovely and toasty.

Now about the cake, it was a triple tier chocolate mud cake covered in white fondant, trimmed with lace and matching ribbon, I added handmade pink fondant roses with falling petals and ‘vintage’ gold photo frames with edible images of the Birthday Girl at age 7 which was apparently acceptable to broadcast to all and sundry unlike mentioning it was her 70TH Birthday!!   *evil grin*

It looked very pretty and went well in the setting, best of all I know she loved it because I am sure I saw a little tear when she was shown the cake and I loved making it for her, my only regret was that I did not have quite enough time to put as much detail into the photo frames as I would have liked.

My only real concern at the time was that it was very warm in the room and I worried about the cake softening in the heat & one corner of the top photo frame got bumped and slightly bent which drove me nuts because I am so fussy lol….. not that I should have worried too much as the cake disappeared very rapidly, I swear some of the guests were inhaling it lol

I also made some matching pink iced sugar cookies with the added edible images and piped tiny pearls around the border, I then placed them in small clear bags and tied them with pink ribbon, unfortunately in all the excitement I forgot to take any close photos of the cookies (which people refused to eat and took home as keepsakes)

(Click picture to Enlarge)

I also compiled some matching invitations using an original scrapbook design image from Kimberly White of Wonderland Scraps http://freequickpage.com  which were secretly sent out to the guests! and Yes I mentioned the 70 again!! Hah!

Some of the details as you can see from the space on the lower right have been omitted for privacy reasons.


Smirnoff Vodka Bottle Birthday cake

Drink a glass of wine Cheers!!! Drink a glass of wine

This cake was for Jess’s 18th Birthday!

It is obviously a Smirnoff bottle cake, (a HUGE Smirnoff bottle, the actual bottle was 42cm long!!)

 The cake Inside is Red velvet (chocolate with beetroot juice added to make it look really red)

Everything you see you can eat although I don’t recommend eating the actual cake board. Muffled laugh

I hand made the ‘ice cubes’ then tinted them slightly with edible blue lustre dust so they looked ‘Icy’ and drizzled them with pale blue royal icing so they looked like they were melting from the red lettering on top, the Bottle cap was all hand sculpted fondant  which was then painted with confectioners glaze to look like red metal.

The ‘fabric’ was fondant mixed with a gum to make it elastic and rolled very very thin which was then draped on the board which was finished along the edges with a thin white ribbon.

The images are printed on edible paper with edible ink then carefully cut out and placed on the cake.

Everyone seemed delighted with the outcome!

Happy St Patricks day!

It ’twas indeed the luck of the Irish on this particular order which was for ‘irish themed’ cupcakes and cookies.

The cupcakes I was looking forward to, the cookies….. well they had me sweating bullets as I had never made a cookie before let alone flooded them with royal icing..arghhhh panic set in!

I figured what the heck, I can do it! and so I did, I made a double batch and ran them past some discerning taste testers… Success!!!  They loved them!!

Now for the Royal icing, I had scoured the ‘Interwebs’ for hints and tips and set about tackling the daunting task.

Pffttttttt… What was a worried about they worked perfectly with no flaws, tears or fiery explosions, I had made my first cookies and was feeling pretty pleased with myself, I can only go up from here lol

Will I be making cookies again?  To be sure, to be sure!!!

What do you think??

(Click image for larger view)

These adoreable little cupcakes were also made for the St Patricks day Fundraiser!

They were a lot of fun to make and despite their simplicity a lot of work was involved!

The little coins are hand painted fondant which I then cut out into tiny circles, the hats were made from Green fondant (Electric Green) with an added fondant hatband with handpainted gold ‘buckle’.

Lastly the shamrocks were a series of little hearts which were veined and painted with peony lustre dust then assembled to look like…  well you get the picture. lol

(Click image for larger view)

(Click image for larger view)