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Buttons, Bows and Baby cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes were ordered by a lovely lady for her Baby Shower.

I love the blend of colours and the little sleeping babies perched on pillows of pink buttercream!

Each of the decorations were hand made from fondant and let me tell you with all the rain this week getting them to dry was a lesson in patience, the weather has been playing havoc with the completed sugar decorations, one day it’s hot and humid, the next it’s cold then right back to wet and humid… rinse and repeat. Arggghhhh  🙂

Just when I thought they were all dry it rained and they reabsorbed moisture from the air causing them to go soft again…very trying indeed lol

Fortunately the end result was what counted and they worked out perfectly, I had to bring a delivery helper with me on this one as the venue was at a lovely home which sat on top of a large hill with a VERY steep driveway, way too steep to drive up and hope they wouldn’t topple sitting in the back by themselves, so my assistant had to hold the cake boxes and pivot them to keep them level as we ascended.

The rain slicked driveway was a nerve wracking experience carrying boxes of cupcakes while repeating “don’t fall, don’t fall” under my breath, but they made it to the table unharmed and looking gorgeous, pity the same could not be said of me in all my rain sodden and wide eyed glory 😀

(Click picture to Enlarge)


Fondant Cake Topper Babies and Roses

I love doing fondant cake toppers!

I think they appeal to the artist in me, making items in minature, particularly semi realistic toppers, I’m not fussy what they are, they are all fun to make.

This little baby topper is particularly adoreable, it’s about 2 and a 1/2 inches long (6 and a 1/2 cm) and fully edible, I always warn people though that breaking a tooth is a possibility 😀 , as the fondant sets very hard, and eating a fondant baby would be just a little creepy… just saying LOL!!

I usually make several at a time then when they have sufficiently hardened I individually decorate them, this particular Topper I call ‘Little Angel’. With blushed ‘cheeks’ and shimmery wings you can’t help but smile.

(Click image to enlarge)

Toppers are fantastic for long distance transport, I often receive requests from remote locations where people don’t have easy access to a cake store and transporting a delicate cake is just not practical, due to the fact the cake would undoubtedly arrive looking more like a train wreck than a cake, my worst nightmare lol.

Having said that, I did send one cake over a vast nail biting distance, you can read about it here in  ‘About Sugar Sugar’.

It enables customers to have a beautiful cake for their special event, they simply make their own cake and add the Toppers to complete… and There you have it! One special cake without the stress added!

Roses are also a big hit, I was making these for a very special lady so they are not quite complete in the picture but you get the idea.

Similarly roses can be sent via post then arranged on a cake to make it something really special, why should anyone have to miss out on the special cakes just because they are too far away!

Unthinkable!!!  🙂

Keep an eye out on upcoming tutorial posts as I will be showing how I made both of these types of Toppers and more.

Cupcake Crown Toppers

My son’s school had a special ‘Queens Birthday cupcake Day’ so I was asked to make 130 toppers. Yes 130!!!!

(Click images for larger version)

They were a lot of fun to make but took agessssssss..(approximately 6 hours, Ouch!)  For such simple little things they had several processes.

There were so many!

Below I have listed the individual steps, sorry I didn’t have pictures during the making of the crowns( I forgot!! ) oooops.

Step 1: Colour fondant / sugarpaste.

Step 2: Roll out to 1/8th of an inch.

Step 3: Using a Ribbon cutter like the one below make some 2 inch strips. (or you can use a ruler and a pizza cutter or sharp knife)

Step 4: Take a straight frill cutter and make a ‘crown’ shaped edge at the top.

(I used the FMM set like the one below, but you can use anything that has a decorative edge)

Step 5: Take the Roller cutter fitted with the ‘beaded’ embosser and roll along the bottom edge only.

(Below is the bead embosser use in multiples, I only used a single one)

Step 6: Cut into 4 1/2 inch lengths.

Step 7: Wrap the embossed  fondant strip around a circular cutter of your choice for uniformity of size. (alternatively you can use a small glass,jar or cardboard tube for this step), Apply a dab of water and join ends lightly smoothing the seam, gently remove the cutter from the center.

Step 8: Very carefully fan (slightly bend) all the tips outwards to complete the overall crown look.

Voila! One fondant crown…

Oh?.. you thought I was done…. Nooope, Guess again !!!!

It’s time for some bling!!

Once the crown has dried a little to the point where you can pick it up without it losing it’s shape, place some edible gold glitter in a small shallow bowl, lightly brush the tips of the crown with vodka or rose spirit (it evaporates so move quickly!) and invert the crown dipping the tips into the edible glitter for a little bit of bling.

Ok!….Nowwww, your done!!! Whew!

Let them dry completely and place ceremoniously onto your cupcakes or cake.

They were a huge hit, the kids loved them and they disappeared very rapidly!

I’m already looking forward to the next one.