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Smirnoff Vodka Bottle Birthday cake

Drink a glass of wine Cheers!!! Drink a glass of wine

This cake was for Jess’s 18th Birthday!

It is obviously a Smirnoff bottle cake, (a HUGE Smirnoff bottle, the actual bottle was 42cm long!!)

 The cake Inside is Red velvet (chocolate with beetroot juice added to make it look really red)

Everything you see you can eat although I don’t recommend eating the actual cake board. Muffled laugh

I hand made the ‘ice cubes’ then tinted them slightly with edible blue lustre dust so they looked ‘Icy’ and drizzled them with pale blue royal icing so they looked like they were melting from the red lettering on top, the Bottle cap was all hand sculpted fondant  which was then painted with confectioners glaze to look like red metal.

The ‘fabric’ was fondant mixed with a gum to make it elastic and rolled very very thin which was then draped on the board which was finished along the edges with a thin white ribbon.

The images are printed on edible paper with edible ink then carefully cut out and placed on the cake.

Everyone seemed delighted with the outcome!


Mother’s Day

I hope Everyone enjoyed a Wonderful mothers day, for once I got to spend the day relaxing and having others wait on me, if only that would happen every day LOL

I made my Mother a cake, which she adored and took home with her uncut !!!

“Too pretty to cut !” she exclaimed …… but..but….

Mind you I was already too full from an indulgent lunch to complain with too much enthusiasm  🙂

When we were kids the street was lined with trees covered with beautiful pink cherry blossoms that used to swirl like a snowstorm when the wind picked up, so I chose a vintage cherry blossom design out of sheer nostalgia.

Did I mention I love all things vintage!

The cake was a light moist and chocolatey mudcake…..is Chocolatey a word? Ahh well it is now if it isn’t already !

The mudcake was coated in a good amount of chocolate Ganache, followed by a layer of white fondant which was then decorated with fondant blossoms and royal icing piped branches .   Yum!

*Click on the image to enlarge*

Hello Everyone!

Well here I am!

I finally bit the bullet and decided to create a blog because so many of you asked me “where can we see your cakes online and see regular updates and discussions !”

Until now the majority of my orders were via word of mouth, so after much Uhmming, Ahhing and indecision I settled on a Blog as a way to ‘get myself out there’.

Unlike many other options it seemed to me that there was so much more freedom and interaction to be had via Blogging, it felt much more personal, which of course suits me, after all I do make one of a kind custom cakes  personally designed specifically for individuals, corporations, Special interest groups etc etc.

It all made perfect sense.

Not only can you all see my cakes, but you can comment, ask questions, arrange orders, or just chat, I’m really looking forward to it !!

Eventually, as my Cake Blog Journey progresses, I will be adding recipes, how to’s, Tips and tricks and all sorts of Interesting bits and pieces, as well as the weird and wonderful.

Sounds like a plan to me !!

~ Lisa