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Happy St Patricks day!

It ’twas indeed the luck of the Irish on this particular order which was for ‘irish themed’ cupcakes and cookies.

The cupcakes I was looking forward to, the cookies….. well they had me sweating bullets as I had never made a cookie before let alone flooded them with royal icing..arghhhh panic set in!

I figured what the heck, I can do it! and so I did, I made a double batch and ran them past some discerning taste testers… Success!!!  They loved them!!

Now for the Royal icing, I had scoured the ‘Interwebs’ for hints and tips and set about tackling the daunting task.

Pffttttttt… What was a worried about they worked perfectly with no flaws, tears or fiery explosions, I had made my first cookies and was feeling pretty pleased with myself, I can only go up from here lol

Will I be making cookies again?  To be sure, to be sure!!!

What do you think??

(Click image for larger view)

These adoreable little cupcakes were also made for the St Patricks day Fundraiser!

They were a lot of fun to make and despite their simplicity a lot of work was involved!

The little coins are hand painted fondant which I then cut out into tiny circles, the hats were made from Green fondant (Electric Green) with an added fondant hatband with handpainted gold ‘buckle’.

Lastly the shamrocks were a series of little hearts which were veined and painted with peony lustre dust then assembled to look like…  well you get the picture. lol

(Click image for larger view)

(Click image for larger view)